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Massage is all about Blood flow….The second a Massage Therapist puts his or hers hands on you the blood starts flowing…What does blood flow do??? It revives you…you feel alive, you have energy, your skin looks better your hair is shinier … When you go to the gym what do you want to do? You want blood flow right ? Blood flow and oxygen .. Did you know a Massage therapist touches more muscles and create more blood flow and oxygen than any exercise in a single hour….Yes, we touch the big toe all the way up to the top of your head…. Which increases the Blood Flow and oxygen level and your whole body is in Circulation mode which makes the body operate better and keeps you healthy…Massage Therapy is about Healing the body from the inside to the outer…

Massage is silent you can’t see massage like you can with eyelashes ? your hair? and your Nails? yet those three things will not keep you healthy and prevent disease …eyelashes won’t give you energy, your nails will not create blood flow and oxygen. Yes, they look pretty yet if you worked on your inside and had massages on a monthly, biweekly, or even weekly your nails would grow naturally and your eyelashes would also because they are receiving blood flow and oxygen….

So Do Your Body Good and get Your Massages in first and start the process of the Beauty you Deserve.