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I am going to explain a very easy and simple explanation of Western and Eastern Therapy and or Medicine….


Ok, Close your eyes and imagine Two beautiful Apple Trees… People come and compliment you on the beauty of these apple trees…One day you come out and notice one of the Trees has one brown leaf way at the top of the tree… Western man says cut it off no one will ever notice and the tree will continue to grow…Eastern man says whoaaaaa we need to find out how this happened, so it doesn’t happen again….We need to start looking at the roots….

In todays world we are so quick to fix the problem with a bandaid , pills, or surgery quick and simple solution. In reality if you look at the root of problems they are all fixable one cell at a time…May take longer yet end result is better…

Massage helps migraines.

Massage helps circulation.

Massage helps soft tissue strains or injuries.

Massage helps Anxiety , Insomnia, related to stress.

Massage helps Fibromyalgia.

Massages often produces feelings of caring, comfort and connection within ourselves…

When was the last time you had a Massage??? Isn’t it time? Make one now!